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The Folding Playhouse

a multi-use toy that will transform indoor & outdoor play


The folding playhouse is great for both children and parents and folds flat in just 15 seconds, with no dismantling required.

It cleverly provides multiple ways for children to play whilst alleviating various space, weight, cost, safety of children issues which todays parents now face. Most notably, with the dramatic increase in smaller houses and gardens, combined with the increase in the UK’s birth rate, the pressure on home and garden space is a big issue for many families.

The folding playhouse is the first ‘true’ folding plastic playhouse. Yes, some plastic playhouses can be stored flat but only when disassembled. Given their lack of durability, non-plastic products have a limited life and are intended more for indoor use only and offer more of a colouring in creative play than outdoor fun.

Quick Demo

A short video of the scale model prototype at The Gadget Show 2016

A unique folding system

  • Portable

    Can be moved quickly & effortlessly from inside to outside – folds in 15 seconds

  • Storage

    Can be easily stowed when not in use and protected from the elements

  • On the move

    Easily transported from location to location in most large size family cars

Transforming play

  • arts & crafts table

    Transforms into a table for extra play activities

  • Longevity

    Extends the age usability of the product when solely used as a table

  • Multi-use

    Enhancing added value for money with it’s multifunctional applications

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